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We are currently accepting applications for K-6th Grade (2017-2018 school year)
In 2018-2019, we will offer enrollment for K-8th Grade.

Tuition: $9500 plus fees ($950 per month)
Fees: $5500

- Technology
- Materials
- Trip / activity
- Admissions / evaluations
- Registration

Please follow the below steps for applying to the Nasri Academy for Gifted Children. Should any questions arise, please contact us 702-896-8000 or

Step 1:  Contact Nasri Academy for Gifted Children to get information about registration, informational sessions, or school tours. You can also complete our inquiry form below.

Step 2:  Download an Application for Admission or contact the Admission Office for a copy.

Step 3:  Contact a psychologist familiar with gifted students to administer an individual IQ test (WPPSI- IV or WISC-V only.) Upon completion of the assessment, the psychologist must submit a copy of the full report directly to the Nasri Academy for Gifted Children’s Admission Office. (Testing locations below)

Note: All students must qualify for Nasri Academy for Gifted Children by going to a licensed Psychologist and taking either the WISC-V or the WPPSI-IV (depending on age). To receive an application, the student(s) must have a Full Scale Score of 130 or above on any of these tests.

Step 4:  Complete and submit the Application for Admission with a $500 non-refundable fee. Completed teacher recommendations and school transcripts must be sent directly to the Admission Office. It is each family’s responsibility to make sure that these documents are submitted in a timely manner. No file will be completed until all components have been received.

Step 5:  After review of the assessment and application, qualified families will be contacted to continue with the admission process. 

Step 6:  Parents of qualified applicants will be invited to come in for an individual interview at a time separate from their child’s visit.

Step 7:  Qualifying applicant children will be invited in for a visit, where the admission team will conduct an individual interview, as well as observe peer interactions and participation in a variety of tasks. 

Step 8:  Acceptance decisions are the sole discretion of the Nasri Academy for Gifted Children’s Admission Committee. Upon acceptance, a letter of acceptance and an enrollment contract will be issued. A home visit will be scheduled after acceptance into Nasri Academy to learn more about your family and your child’s interests. 

*Non-Discrimination Policy: The Nasri Academy for Gifted Children does not discriminate on the basis of color, national or ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation or creed.

No Refunds: Due to our space limitations, there are no refunds for cancelled applications.

Testing Locations

Dr. Lewis Etcoff
Address: 8475 S Eastern Ave # 205, Las Vegas, NV 89123
Phone: (702) 876-1977

Dr. Rachel Davis, PhD
Address: 7341 W. Charleston Blvd., #140, Las Vegas, NV 89117
Phone: (702) 776-8990

Dr. Hillary Katz
Address: 2620 Regatta Dr #102, Las Vegas, NV 89128
Phone: (702) 553-1014

Dr. Michelle Paul
Address: UNLV - 4505 Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89154
Phone: (702) 895-1532

If you have questions about our admissions process, or would like to schedule a visit, simply submit the form below and we will respond using your preferred contact method.

We look forward to speaking with you, and we hope you’ll be able to join Nasri Academy.

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